“Who is a leader?” “How to identify a leader?”

This question came in yesterday’s session on:How to build an effective recognition and reward system? This is very relevant for those professionalswho are stepping forward towards a leadership role. So, what’s the answer? Great leaders have so many great qualities.Hundreds of great books written on this subject. A simple way to identify leader is: A […]

Great Leader: Who?

Great leaders lead from the front in crisis and they go back when success is achieved. Leading from the front in crisis is an essential characteristic of a leader. What else leader should do in crisis? [PS: Yes; this is very old thought but just recalled when I saw leaders re-appearing after deepest crisis has […]

“How to deliver best results?”

Very often it is asked in my sessions. This appears to be one of the most frequent questions in mind of professionals. Are there any short-cuts, tips and tricks?NO. Best results come out of superior performance. And superior performance comes out of:1. Having desired knowledge of the subject2. Application of the right know at the […]