Specialized Workshops and Training Programs

Nurture Leadership Excellence with Arience

We offer industry specific and function specific workshops and training programs to provide expertise to your team. Our programs include:

Agile Adoption in Engineering and Manufacturing Projects

Navigate the complexities of agile methodologies in engineering and manufacturing projects

Integrated APQP Management Methodology

Master the methodology for Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) in an integrated manner

Setting up PMO (PM Office) / PMCoE (PM Centre of Excellence)

Learn the essentials of establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) or Center of Excellence (PMCoE)

Strategy Projects - Management and Controls

Gain insights into strategic project management and effective controls

People Performance Management – OKR Implementation

Implement Objectives and Key Results (OKR) for effective people performance management

NPD / E&D - Project Planning, Monitoring and Control

Develop skills for effective planning and monitoring in New Product Development (NPD) and Engineering & Design (E&D) projects
Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Development and Professional Growth

Explore our industry specific and function specific programs to elevate your team’s proficiency.